Equality- The Myth

  • Over the last 4 months, I have often complained to friends and family that these days have gone through a period of pain and the world has been unfair to me. The only way to subside this pain was to read through other tales of pain through human history. This book talks about Racism/Inequality people have been facing through their early life and also as we speak.
  • A few days back, I shared a tweet about the author to amplify the sufferings borne by people of colour. A batch-mate of mine tweeted about a cricketing legend’s view being ignorant about his origins , and my old-self thought of going back and correcting him. But it wasn’t worth the likes/retweets on a platform where 70% of the content is targeted more for numbers and less for the human soul.
  • I am a male in a society which calls itself advanced in the 21st century and still doesn’t have equal opportunities for women in work-place. Have often overheard conversations (even from my parents) where a baby-boy is still sub-consciously awaited while celebrating the birth of a girl.
  • I was born as a Rajput (Kshatriya class) which is considered the upper class by Indian society just because we fought some fancy wars in the past. I was so appalled by this classification that I don’t use the family surname “Singh” and stick with just “Raj ‘’ for anonymity and simplicity. There have been times when I have dated someone outside my caste system and when I brought this topic in front of my parents, the caste question always popped up, no matter how independent and advanced as a family we called ourselves.
  • The South African cricket team was banned by the ICC from 1970’s to 1991. However some of the Games’ greats still toured the country and were paid to appease the upper race. None of the media covered these tours as they were status quo.
  • Before Columbus discovered the West Indies Island in 1498, it had already experienced a civilisation with riches like gold. There had been explorers before this and Columbus’ expedition was just the start of slavery from Spain.
  • Marcus Rashford, a 22 year old footballer, started a campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic for feeding the poor and under-privileged kids. He is subjected to hate on Social Media and Print Media in extreme magnitude.

Software Engineer

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Amit Raj

Amit Raj

Software Engineer

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